About Us

Where we meet: The Leeds Arabic Christian Fellowship meets at South Parade Baptist Church, Kirkstall Lane, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3LF. 

When we meet: Our Arabic fellowship meets on Sunday afternoons from 3.30pm till about 5.30pm. The meeting is in Arabic and translation is available if necessary. Everyone is welcomed. After discussion of a topic, we end with refreshments – ahlan wa sahlan!

Every few weeks we organise a special event. On these Sundays we meet earlier than usual, at 2.30pm, for lunch together followed by a meeting. Come and enjoy delicious Middle Eastern food and fellowship!

Who we are: We are an English and Arabic fellowship. A group of Arabic-speaking people, some from the Middle East now resident in UK and some from Britain who have studied some Arabic. From various backgrounds and churches, we are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ who want to worship God and study the Bible in the Arabic language.